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I've designed several uniquely stylish and STRESS-FREE art projects that can be completed in just 2 or 3 hours. Combine color, creativity, and conversation in these casually intimate gatherings.You'll leave each workshop with new skills, and definitely some cool new stuff. All projects are created by you...I'll supply the motivation and encouragement, plus all the tools and supplies you'll need.

The images at right show the materials we provide for each workshop. Roll over the photos to see a sample of the type of finished product you'll create and take home from the workshop.

To contact Karen or to register for a workshop call 269-372-3744 between 9 am and 5 pm M-F or
e-mail Karen.



Future Workshops — Coming Soon

1. Intro to Colored Pencils. Learn the basics of color mixing and blending, burnishing, tonal rendering, impressed line, lift-offs and other helpful tips for using wax-based colored pencils. Each participant will experiment with a variety of techniques in creating a simple drawing on illustration board.

2. Advanced Colored Pencils. Explore working with wax-based pencils, Art Stix® and odorless mineral spirits to create large areas of rich luminous color with incredible speed. Build up deep hues, create glorious translucent layers, and discover how to create large washes of solid color.